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List your land in this Directory for sale.  This Directory offers you the opportunity to list your property for sale at a reasonable cost. Estate Agents and owners of land are welcome to list their properties, including plots, agricultural parcels, commercial land, touristic land, and mix use land. By listing in this directory you,

  • Obtain more exposure;

  • Improve the chances to find a buyer;

  • Can link it to your main webpage for more optimization; and

  • Target a larger market

Interested owners when you list, please provide the following information:
1. Location;
2. Photographs;
3. Uses and Zoning;
5. Price;
6. Services, electricity, water, public road, etc.
8. Price

If you have land in Paphos and want to sell it, you can list it in the Land Paphos Cyprus Directory. If you are a buyer, you can search the available properties and contact the owner.

The use of land in Paphos and else were in Cyprus is regulated by local zoning, land building and usage laws. The zones change every few years. Transactions are regulated by law. Cyprus residents can buy and sell land freely. Non-Cypriots wishing to buy land in Cyprus can also do so subject to certain compliance requirements and permits. Retirees, for example, living in Cyprus permanently can enjoy a number of incentives. If you are a retiree wishing to buy immovable property to build a house and settle in Cyprus, you should seek competent advice from a local professional be it an accountant or lawyer that practices in this area.

Selling and buying land in Cyprus is based on a transparent, reliable and well-regulated legal system; however, the first thing to watch when buying land is to ensure that it is free of any encumbrances and liens, such as mortgages. This can be done by searching the title of the land in the local registry office where the property is located.

The buyer should not buy land without ensuring,

  • Zoning requirements;

  • Building densities;

  • Availability of roads, electricity and water;

  • The property is not encumbered by prior registrations of rights, such as mortgages;

  • You can deal with the land freely and pass it on to your beneficiaries.

Therefore, it is imperative that if you want to make an offer to buy land in Paphos, first you and obtain competent tax and legal advice.

The right of ownership of immovable property is considered as one of the fundamental human rights under the Constitution of Cyprus.
Foreigners in Cyprus who own property in Cyprus, such as land, enjoy all the property rights which are available to the citizens of Cyprus and can be assured that their property is absolutely protected. Contract laws regulate these types of transactions, which basically require that they should be made in writing, duly stamped and properly signed and witnessed. The authorities charge revenue stamps or land transfer taxes based on a pre-determined formula.

All disputes arising from transactions concerning immovable property are governed by the laws of Cyprus and are subject to the jurisdiction of the local courts.

The Cyprus Land Registry System is based on rights that are defined and secured, and all transactions relating to immovable property are protected.  Ownership of immovable property or rights in immovable property can only be acquired by registration at the Land Registry. The certificates of registration, or title deeds, are issued by the Registry. These certificates define the property, secure its ownership and facilitate transactions related to the property.

A purchaser of land may secure the remedy of specific performance (ie the right to enforce his or her contract) by depositing a duly stamped copy of the contract at the Land Registry within six months from the date of its execution.
Non- citizens who wish to purchase land must apply to the Council of Ministers for prior permission. Since 1 May 2009, citizens of other EU member states and corporations incorporated in another EU member state are entitled to acquire any immovable property in Cyprus in the form of houses, flats, land, and building sites or for investment purposes without a licence from the Council of Ministers. Some restrictions apply with respect to citizens from non-EU member states.

British subjects classified as "British Residents" according to Annex T of the Treaty of Establishment of the Republic of Cyprus can trade in land in Cyprus without the permit of the Council of Ministers. This privilege was granted to some British subjects who were residents at the time of the establishment of the Republic of Cyprus; it is recorded in their passports and it is extended to their spouses and descendants.

It may take up to a year for the Council of Ministers to grant a permit, but purchasers can occupy the property upon signing of the contract which is subject to approval. Once the permit is given and the property is registered in the name of the new owner, no further restriction are imposed and the new owner can sell or transfer the land by will or other testamentary instrument or trust agreement. The heirs are not required to obtain a permit in order to have the property registered in their names.
This directory service is for listing purposes only. Owners and prospective purchasers are urged to obtain independent legal advice and representation before entering into a contract for the sale or purchase of land. Prospective purchaser should always do a search at the Land Registry to make sure that the property is free and clear from any encumbrances, charges or liens.

Transfer Fees: These duties are payable on a set formula by the purchaser on the purchase price or, under certain circumstances, on the current market value. Purchasers may obtain bank loans to purchase land secured by a mortgage on the property.


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